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Company Profile

  Qilu Animal Health,  a member of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, has dedicated in developing and  manufacturering animal using medicines, formulated feed additives and vaccines since1958.  
  Everyday, our over 1,000 members of teams work the meticulosity in the GMP/ISO certificated plants, offering  all over the world of qualified  APIs, Disinfectants, Feed & additives, Injectables, Intramammary Syringes, Oral solutions, Powders (herbal/soluble/premix ) and Vaccines (Living & Inactivated). 
  As a manufacturer of know-how, we also offering Contract-Developing & Manufacturing of all series of products. Our strict QA&QC system and professional regulation teams provide the critical advantage for our customers to choose and be confident of.  
  We take ‘All for animal, All for human' as our mission,  'Caring Trough Science and Technology' as our constant promises from heart. We are always improving and working more efficiently to supply livestock industry of even better, effective and safe animal health products.