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Infectious Coryza(Serotype A)Vaccine,Inactivated

basic information

[Ingredients and Concentration] The product is prepared using the high quality adjuvant
adjuvant. The vaccine is composed of inactivated Haemophilus paragallinanum type A C- Hpg-8  

The live virus concentration before inactivation: 5×109 per 1ml

[Properties] This product is a milky white emulsion.
[Indications] It is used to prevent Haemophilus paragallinanum type A caused Coryza infection. It maintains a immunity period of 3mongths for chickens under 42days old and 6months for chickens over 42days old. To maintain a 19months of immunity, a twice vaccination is recommended, the 42 day and the 120 day .

[Application and Dosages] It’s indicated for subcutaneous injection in neck or intramuscular injection in chest, 0.5ml/bird for the over 42days and 0.25ml/bird for the younger.

[Adverse Reaction] There’s none visible adverse reactions normally.


1. Freezing forbidden! If frozen, the product is forbidden to be used. 

2. The product is exclusively used to healthy pigs. 

3. The vaccine should be recovered to normal temperature and evenly mixed by shaking before use.

4. Normal disinfection is pre-requisite for injection site.

5.The leavings, used vaccine vials and utensils should be subjected to disinfection treatment.

6. The broilers 21days before slaughter cannot be vaccinate with this product. As for the other chickens the time should  42 days.

[Specification] 100 ml,250ml ,500 ml/vial

[Packing]  100ml ×80 vials/ctns250ml×40 vials/ctns500ml×20 vials/ctns
[Storage and shelf life] The product can be stored at 2~8℃ for 12months.

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