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Porcine Parvovirus Vaccine, Inactivated

basic information

[Ingredients and Concentration]

Live Swine Parvovirus Vaccine, concentration106.0TCID50 per 0.1ml.

[Properties] The product appears milk white emulsion, and slightly rosiness in substrate after standing. 

[Indications]It is used for prevention of breeding difficulty of swines. It maintains an immunity of 6months.

[Dosage and Administration] For deep intramuscular injection, 2ml per pig.

[Adverse Reactions] There’s none visible adverse reactions normally.

1. The vaccine should be place to room temperature and shook up well before administration. 

2. Freezing forbidden.

3.Only used for prevention of Swine Parvovirus. Other vaccination should be made, too. 

4. The appliance should be disinfected strictly. One needle for one pig use.

5.Once unsealed, the vaccine can be used only at the same day. 

6.This product can be used in both epidemic areas and none-epidemic areas, none limit to seasons. In Parvovirus - positive farms, this vaccine can be used to sows and boars , from 5months old to 14days before  hybridization. It ‘s not suitable for the pregnant in negative farms.

7. The used vaccine vials and utensils should be subjected to disinfection treatment.
[Specification] 20ml, 40ml/vial ,
[Packing] 10 vials/box , 600vials/ctns
[Storage and shelf life] It is effective for 7months stored at 2~8℃

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