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Escherichia Coli Trivalent Vaccine for Piglets,Inactivated

basic information

[Ingredients and Concentration]

Escherichia Coli., concentrationK88, 250 antigen unit; K99, 125 antigen unit; 987P, 125 antigen unit; bacteria counts no more than 2×1010.

[Properties] Standingly, the product shows white clarifying liquid in superstratum and milky white in substrate . A suspension appeared after shaking. 

[Indications] It is used for prevention of piglets diarrhea caused by Escherichia Coli. The piglets  will obtain maternal antibody, when the pregnant sows were vaccinated . 

[Dosage and Administration] For intramuscular injection; 2ml per pregnant sow on the 40day and the 15day before giving birth. 

[Adverse Reactions] There’s none visible adverse reactions normally.

1. Exclusively used to healthy pregnant sows.

2. Freezing forbidden.

3. The vaccine should be place to room temperature and shook up well before administration.

4. Normal disinfection is pre-requisite for injection site. 

4. The appliance should be disinfected strictly. One needle for one pig use.

  1. To insure the immunity effects, the colostrums should be nursed to every piglets.

7. The used vaccine vials and utensils should be subjected to disinfection treatment.
[Specification] 4ml, 10ml, 20ml, 100ml/vial ,
[Packing] 4ml×600/ctns, 10ml×200/ctns ,20m×200/ctns, 100ml ×80/ctns

[Storage and shelf life] It is effective for12months stored at 2~8℃

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